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Governors infographic

As part of our continued work with Shaping Portsmouth we’ve been working with Portsmouth City Council to create an infographic to help increase knowledge and awareness of Portsmouth Schools and their need to recruit more school governors. We thought you would like to see our process and the final result.

Sketching the initial ideas

It was vital the infographic had a strong focus on the value of a governors role and how much they’re needed for the future of Portsmouth Schools and the kids who attend them. With all this in mind, we really wanted to communicate the messages in easy, bite-sized stages, which represented individual, but valuable pieces of information.

Planning was key to the success of these infographics, both in terms of design and effectiveness. So we made sure we set aside enough time to plan the look and feel of the infographic and really get into the nitty gritty of it.

Designing in Illustrator

Our Lead Designer, Tom, used Adobe Illustrator as his weapon of choice for this project, mainly for its vector qualities and the freedom it offered him to create the ‘hand drawn’ elements he’d envisaged.

The idea was to create an A3 chalkboard, with chalk drawn images in a variety of colours to give the poster a very hand crafted feel and to keep in the theme of Portsmouth Schools. Tom successfully achieved this by using his graphics tablet, which allowed him to digitally draw the various elements directly onto an Illustrator Art Board.

We had a lot of freedom with this project, in terms of design and layout, which was great as it meant Tom had no restrictions when it came to getting his ideas down. He favoured a doodled style, which not only suited the brief perfectly, but also his own type of illustration background.

“Typography is an important part of any design and I chose a combination of three typefaces for various impacts. A sans serif, slab serif and a hand scripted typeface for a more personal touch. These all communicated a powerful message individually and worked well collaboratively.”


We soon received sign-off from Portsmouth City Council, (we’re pleased to say they loved it), so before we knew it, it was ready for print.

We really wanted to use a local company who could deliver good quality and a quick turn around for the quantity needed (we were looking for 3,000 to be printed). In the end we chose UK Flyers; not only were they quick, but we were pleased with the great quality too – so thanks guys!

In addition to the infographic, Tom also designed some business cards to support the cause and to really help drive home the message that Portsmouth really does need more governors (just like you!)

The posters are going out today, to coincide with the Lord Mayor’s Event (6th November). If you live or work in the Portsmouth and Southsea area, make sure you keep an eye out for our posters.

To help promote the cause, if you see one why not take a photo and Facebook, or tweet it to us – don’t forget to use the #portsmouthgovernors hashtag too. If you’ve been inspired by the infographic and want to find out more about becoming a governor for a local Portsmouth School then visit Portsmouth City Council’s website for more details

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