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The Co-operative

“The new Customer Dashboard has helped the Co-operative engage and interact with their customers across the UK.”

Back in 2011 we developed a full car insurance quoting engine complete with a customer dashboard and admin reporting suite for The Co-operative. Although the dashboard looked great back then, it was time for a facelift and a greater focus on device accessibility.

Customer research

Before we got cracking on the new design, we completed a full analysis of how customers were using the current site. What features were being used most often and where customers saw there could be improvements. All of this information helped plan out the information architecture and content hierarchy. It also gave us some good ideas of how to help the Co-operative interact more with their customers.

  • Fully responsive - scales perfectly for all modern desktop and mobile devices
  • Instant feedback - customers can provide quick and useful feedback to the Co-operative on their experience
  • Video tutorials - as the product is aimed at helping young drivers stay safe on the roads, we produced basic car maintenance instructional videos
  • Customisable dashboard - we allowed the customer to change the order of the reports, allowing to choose what driving data was most important to them

Smooth migration

The old dashboard has over 25,000 active customers, we needed to make sure the migration was as painless as possible. Part of this included sending a series of emails to all customers on the lead up to the new site going live.



London based publisher of special reports for The Times, Sunday Times and The Week. This project required an improved online experience for the broad range of content taken from these print reports.

Read case study

Drive Smart

Project overview

We've worked on a number of telematics based dashboards, but Drive Smart was a little different. They took a more personable approach and had some really engaging branding - in the form of the wise, friendly owl. For this project, we dropped the typical dial in favour of simpler, number based statistics.

This was our first fully responsive dashboard, utilising Bootstrap's framework. This works seamlessly across a multitude of devices and reports back the driver's latest scores in a clear, concise manner.


Startup Minutehack approached us with a clear goal for their website; Digestible news with a focus on speed and accessibility for the mobile entrepreneur.

With an average length of less than 200 words and no images, we decided there would be no need to redirect users to individual article pages. The immediate benefit of keeping the reader on the same page is we eliminate any additional loading time associated with changing pages and you can read 9 more articles with zero delay. While you may not notice such impact browsing at work, it will greately benefit those on mobile networks. The inline experience means users can also move effortlessly from one article to the next.

The design was kept slim with a sharp focus on the content and reading experience. You’ll find no fat in this web app, check it out at Minutehack.com

Hastings Direct Mobile Journey

Hastings approached us looking to build on the success of the desktop insurance quoting engine we built for them. Looking at their visitor analytics it was clear there was a large volume of mobile visitors, but few who would have the patience to fill in several pages of small forms on a tiny device and who could blame them.

Normally we would insist that all our projects be responsive in a Post-PC era, however this was far more complicated than a brochureware site. Several pages of forms and a wide range of data types, it was decided responsive wasn't the best solution for a form filling exercise.

When responsive isn't enough

Mobile provides the challange of a small interface and a limited window of attention, we would have to make it as fast and enjoyable as possible to get to the price page. Being able to create a mobile specific site meant we could tailor every field to optimise entry for that data type.

The entire mobile site is a single page with no further page refreshes, giving it that snappy native experience without a trip to the App Store.

Try it on a mobile device yourself at http://sidg.tl/hds

My Dog Sighs

Street artist, My Dog Sighs needed a place online to showcase his work and a central hub to keep all his followers up to date with all the news about his latest exhibitions around the world.

As standard, the website needed to be responsive, providing an equally engaging experience across all devices. We let the great work that My Dog Sighs creates do the talking and provided the necessary funcitonalitly to make this sing.

We had some fun taking My Dog Sighs’ inked drawings and translating them to digital - including the recreation of his masking tape logo.

Go and check out the amazing cans that he creates.

Portsmouth Opps Fair

Project overview

Portsmouth Opportunities Fair is a new annual event, created to inspire local 10 - 13 year olds and show them what wonderful opportunities Portsmouth has to offer once they leave school.

After the success of 2012's event and with plans for 2013's already in place at the start of the year, we wanted to do our bit in return. We donated our time to design and build a new site for the fair.

What we did for them

This started by completely re-thinking the existing branding. We wanted to create a logo that was fun and would be instantly associated with the Opps Fair. Inspired by ferris wheels and multi directions or options, a recognisable mark was born. Accompanying the mark was a clear, readable sans-serif with a hand scripted typeface to accentuate Portsmouth.

The design of the site looked to reflect the vibrancy of the branding and appeal not only to parents but their children too. Large blocks were used to help divide areas of content and informal, fun, illustrations were used to engage both parents and children.

We used video to help explain what the Opps Fair can offer, on the whole creating a media rich experience.

Check out the Opps Fair website


Project overview

PlaneFinder creators, Pinkfroot, are a small, close-knit team, who focus and take great pride in creating innovative mobile apps, which are both interesting and fun to use. One of their most popular apps to date is PlaneFinder, an application which allows users to track flights and air traffic in real-time.

What we did for them

Pinkfroot came to us looking for a ground up re-write of PlaneFinder’s website. The main purpose of the site was to up-sell their suite of mobile apps. To appeal to PlaneFinder’s users, it was vital that the new website presented all the available plane data in an attractive and streamlined manner. Page load and performance were also key factors we had to consider when approaching the redesign, as it was important visitors got a real sense of the scale and speed at which PlaneFinder could deliver all the aircraft data and information.

The outcome

The end result is something we are very proud of and we’re pleased to say the guys at Pinkfroot loved our work too. To ensure absolute accuracy, careful and considered steps were taken to estimate the flight paths of each airplane, by extrapolating their current positions, heading and speed. We also incorporated the use of a ‘playback’ feature, which allowed users to go back to a specific date or timeframe and watch flights at variable playback speeds.

“Si always had our best interests at heart, they don’t cut corners or compromise the quality of work.”

The AA

What we did for them

We recently started work on our latest collaboration with Wunelli, this time building a completely tailored car insurance quote engine, reporting suites and an iPhone app.

With all our projects, irrespective of the size of the project or the client, we always use our tried and tested process of research, wireframing, design, build and user acceptance testing. Building these sites and applications for The AA was no exception, which is why we delivered the whole project on time.

Once we successfully delivered all parts of the quote engine and reporting suites, we moved on to creating the iPhone application.

The iPhone app

The AA Drivesafe iPhone application allows insurance customers all of the perks of the web-based Driving Dashboard, such as at-a-glance policy summaries and daily breakdowns of their driving habits.

Not only that, but the application also harnesses many iPhone features, bringing additional exclusive functionality, such as the incredible GPS-powered ‘Find My Car’ feature which allows customers to locate the last known position of their vehicle.

As with the other parts of the project we ensured we delivered all the data securely to the customer.

Branding and project delivery

We worked very closely with The AA to ensure everything we produced stayed completely on brand, even during a period of a brand refresh by The AA at the time. We worked with a wide range of third parties, such as payment gateway companies and insurance risk providers, all delivering different elements at different times, so we used a range of tools and applications, such as Basecamp, to ensure the project was managed successfully.