You drove the aliens back into their spaceship, well done!

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Shots Fired

since the invasion started
How the invasion began

Last year, an extraterrestrial scout ship was brought down by fighter jets somewhere in the US. This event both confirmed our fears about an alien attack, and offered the solution we were looking for. On board, government scientists found details about the planned invasion of Earth, along with advanced technologies that could be used to bolster our defences. The race was on to prepare for the arrival of other scout ships and the main fleet, that was sure to be close behind.


Targets Hit

since the invasion started
Alien Area 51, where it all started?

The UFO that was shot down last year was taken to the scientists who work at the notorious Area 51 in Nevada. This covert base has been working with recovered alien artifacts and technologies for many years. The alien invasion of Earth was supposed to be unchallenged, however Project Silex has changed that. Hoping to secure safe passage to the surface for their main fleet, alien infiltration teams have detected our location as the central point of the Earth’s defences. Now they have come to destroy all that we have built. The mainframe must be shut down to protect Project Silex, and ensure the safety of the human race.



since the invasion started
18 sightings this week

There have been numerous reports of mysterious objects in the sky across the UK in the last few days, with the majority of sightings reported in the Portsmouth area. Hampshire Constabulary have dismissed these as ‘pranks’, and the media have put flashes of light in the night sky down to low level meteor activity. The Si team have seen these reports for what they really are - the activity of alien scout ships hunting, and now they have found us.

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The Mainframe Defence System

We always knew that if the aliens found out about Project Silex they would attempt to hack our mainframe to destroy our work. We custom built a remote controlled Blaster that could be used to protect the mainframe, in the event that our team couldn’t complete a manual shut down.

  • Custom built
  • Remote trigger control
  • Mounted camera

The Blaster has remote motor and trigger control capabilities, and sits on top of a pan and tilt system. To ensure maximum effectiveness we have included a super-extended active ammunition cartridge, containing a huge amount of rounds.

In order to give players the best possible chance of taking the perfect shot at the mainframe shutdown targets we have mounted a camera on the Blaster. This is streamed to the website, along with a CCTV feed, so all visitors can see the action live.

Zeus blaster
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