The Portsmouth Opps Fair, now in its fifth year, is an opportunity for local primary school children to develop an understanding of the huge range of career opportunities that exist in and around Portsmouth. This year there were over 50 employers signed up to attend, with a variety of different activities for the students to get involved with. In addition to the Si team, the diverse range of exhibitors included Snows BMW with their BMW i8, BAE Systems with a human gyroscope and Portsmouth Music Hub with an extensive range of instruments to try.




Inspiring young people to have aspirations for their future is something we feel really passionate about, so this is an event that we have supported since the beginning. In addition to attending the event itself we have also designed and developed a website full of useful information for attendees, designed printed literature, and been involved in the social media and blog posts.

Saturday 10th October saw Steve, Oli, Alex and Jack ready for an early start in order to set up our exhibitor stand. We spent some time before the event considering what activities we could take along that would allow us to discuss our industry in an engaging and age-appropriate way. This year we felt our new 3D printer had to make an appearance, as well as some examples of the hack project components we have created with it .



For any young people interested in design, we ran a Logo Competition. Working to a fictional brief, students were asked to sketch a logo based on a company name and some key word associations. We designed a headphone winder, which we 3D printed, to use as prizes for the top 10 entries we received.


Last year’s Wireframe Puzzle proved really popular so we decided to revive it as a fun challenge for any budding developers out there. This exercise in thinking about website hierarchy consisted of building our i-Que website from foam tiles printed with images from the existing site.


Our Lead Developer Alex said “It was great to see our 3D printed rapid prototypes holding up against a non-stop queue of children getting involved, some were more gentle than others! It was also a great chance to show kids that web design and development can leave the confines of the digital world and spill into the physical, as that opens up a whole new world of opportunity that they maybe hadn’t considered”

As always, we ended the day exhausted but exhilarated. We had spoken to a huge amount of bright, curious & keen students, along with their supportive parents. We couldn’t help but feel inspired by all the designers, developers and members of the digital industry that will be coming through in the future, and we’re already looking forward to next year!