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A crowdsourced mapping application to help make cyclists more aware of ‘close pass’ areas

Head shot of SteveBy Steven Piper

We’ve just finished up on a quick project here in the studio and the MVP is now live. One of our developers, Danny has been learning some additional development skills and there was the perfect project in the idea pot to apply these to.

In the studio we have some keen road cyclists and daily commuters who have all experienced what are known as ‘Close passes’. This is where a car passes you on your bike within a uncomfortably close proximity putting the cyclist in a threatening position. It’s estimated that there’s nearly 2 million cyclists on our roads and close passes have become an almost acceptable hazard of the daily commute. This has seen coverage in the national media over the last year and we wanted to help make cyclists more aware of potential close pass hotspots all over the UK to couple with education initiatives being implemented by various police forces.

For the MVP of, it’s really quite simple. By signing up for an account, you’re able to record a close pass that you’ve experienced in your area (or anywhere in the world for that matter) by clicking the location on the map. You are then prompted for the date and time of the occurrence. Once recorded, this is plotted on the map for others to see. Over time, we hope to be able to see a visual heatmap of hotspots on the roads where close passes are prevalent. At the moment, we’ve kept the application simple and once we have collected a few months of data, we hope to grow the feature set to make even more useful for cyclists.

You can contribute a close pass by visiting the website.

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