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A progressive mobile web app to help keep track of the World Cup fixture frenzy!

Head shot of TomBy Tom O’Malley

Every four years, World Cup fever kicks in and takes over TV’s across the nation. To help fans keep up with all the daily games, varying kick off times and TV channels, we’ve created a simple web app called wcfixtures to be used as a digital pocket guide for all things World Cup football over the next month.

Four years ago, Tom and Alex, team members here at Si digital worked together on version one as a bit of a passion project. wcfixtures did a good job of helping those in a fixture crisis and we wanted to repeat it for this years World Cup.


wcfixtures helps football fans stay on top of the fixture pile up during the World Cup with daily fixtures, KO times and TV channels all accessed easily on any smartphone.

Ready in time for the start of Russia 2018, meet the new mobile based, wcfixtures web app. It functions in a similar way to how it did in 2014, with each fixture set on its own screen, showing all the key information a fan should need. It has a shiny new UI and a couple of additions, including Groups and Scorers as well as the full-time score when a fixture has elapsed.

Tom and Danny have spent some downtime in the studio working on this new version. The initial design was created with InVision Studio as a bit of road test of the new application when the BETA invite was first received. InVision Studio was good enough to get the job done albeit a little buggy. We won’t be canceling our Sketch licence just yet but that’s a whole other blog post. is now live and ready to use on mobile. Don’t forget to ‘Add to homescreen’ to remove any browser chrome and get that ‘native app’ feel. If you find wcfixtures useful, please share with all of your football friends so they don’t miss out on this World Cup efficiency.

View on the go using your smartphone.

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