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Head shot of AlexBy Alex Crooks

As one of the leading UK marine wholesalers, Bainbridge Marine supply over 8000 products to chandlers, boat builders, riggers and marine engineers all over the UK from their Head Office in Hampshire. They approached us recently to create a system allowing them to produce white label websites which they could replicate for their extensive number of product ranges, beginning with their Plastimo Boat Tenders.

It was very important to Bainbridge Marine that the new site for their Plastimo Tenders, and any subsequent sites they produce, offered simple and clean navigation, with site users able to filter the extensive range of products from a large list of variables or requirements.

For the majority of product ranges Bainbridge Marine supply there are multiple versions and specifications to choose from. The tenders, for example, are available in a range of sizes, materials and with lots of different features such as carry handles and stowage size. It was therefore essential that we developed a system with straightforward filters and clearly displayed additional information when a user selected a particular model. We felt that a single page site would be most effective, and by implementing a powerful filtering system we were able to ensure that filtering was a fast and pleasant experience. A responsive design means that the filters are readily available on all display sizes, and easy to operate on a range of devices.

Bainbridge Marine wanted the results of filters to initially show an image of the product with a brief description, with additional information available if required. It was also important that visitors can quickly and easily find out the location of a supplier where they could purchase their chosen product so we used an HTML geolocation API to enable users to easily find their closest dealer.

With such an extensive range of industry specific products Bainbridge wanted a format that they could easily replicate for other catalogue sites. We created a PHP web application that allows them to deploy and manage many websites with differing products, images and copy on an ad hoc basis.

Having produced catalogue-based sites for clients in the past we felt confident that we would be able to meet all of Bainbridge Marines’ requirements. By ensuring all elements of the site were simple and clear we were able to deliver an easy to use and clear site, in addition to designing a functional and flexible template for Bainbridge Marine to develop for other product ranges.

The client said:

“When Bainbridge Marine first approached Si digital we knew we had some complex issues to resolve. Our biggest challenge surrounded the multitude of options consumers can choose from when browsing marine equipment. We needed an online catalogue that gave us unlimited flexibility in terms of managing our content across multiple site configurations, built around an intuitive and responsive user experience. We are pleased to say Si digital delivered! They were always helpful and flexible, consistently proving they had no trouble taking a complicated brief and creating simple and elegant solutions.”

Christina Grindey / Digital Marketing Executive - Bainbridge Marine
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