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Creating the Si digital team video

Head shot of TomBy Tom O’Malley

A little while ago, we asked local film company Strong Island Media to collaborate with us to produce a video that would provide a small insight into studio life at Si digital, but in a lighthearted way.

We eagerly presented Strong Island with our ideas. These were to create an alternate spin on agency life, something tongue in cheek, which loosely visualised the processes we undertake, from research to design, through to development. Being inspired by old tech, we wanted to fill our office with ancient computers, vintage devices and even use a classic campervan to transport us around Southsea. We put a request out in an attempt to collect as many retro props, with great success.

We wanted the video to still make reference to our science theme. So the first thing we did was purchase a bunch of lab coats to wear on set. As ‘digital chemists’, these were rather fitting. The tone of the video looked to convey that 80’s/90’s feel, with the grainy overlay and cheesy soundtrack. For the voiceover, we wanted someone like Matt Berry from the IT Crowd.

Storyboarding and Filming

After storyboarding all of the potential scenes and having completed the script for the narration, we were ready to unleash Strong Island to work their magic. Over two days, filming took place in the office and on location around Southsea.

Our on set locations included the pier, Southsea common (where Steve took a frisbee to the mouth) and the White Horse Pub. Dressed in lab coats and driving around in the Si campervan, resulted in some odd looks from passers by.

Post-production, we worked closely with Strong Island to bring it all together, going through a series of edits to get it just right. We’re really pleased with the outcome – a big thanks goes out to Paul Gonella and Jack Daly for their hard work on the project.

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