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Head shot of TomBy Tom O’Malley

The Challenge

Established in 1981, Diametric is recognised as a trusted manufacturer of commercial badges, labels, nameplates and fascias. Their high quality products needed an updated, high impact brochure website to reflect their premium brand. The team at Diametric were also keen to emphasise their position as industry experts by using clear information and explanations about the different products and services available.


We kicked off the project by analysing Diametric’s current website. The site, although featuring some great photography of their products, was extremely text-heavy and fairly disorganised. We produced a fresh sitemap by rearranging content and merging unnecessarily separate pages together, to simplify and streamline the customer journey. We tested the new layout in our UX Lab by creating user flows to really understand how a customer would navigate the site, and based our design decisions on the results.

The Design and Copywriting teams worked closely with Diametric to get a full explanation and understanding of each manufacturing process, in addition to carrying out the relevant competitor and keyword research.

Our revised site map


With a focus on typography and photography, we proceeded to design each page. We streamlined the homepage, using their existing branding guidelines and colour palette. Diametric wanted their new site to clearly reflect their premium brand, so we made use of clean white space to ensure the end result was polished and easy to navigate. There was also a large bank of great quality product photos available which we used to clearly demonstrate the range of solutions available.


We knew we could use our copywriting service to help Diametric achieve their goals for the new site, alongside the visuals and functionality. In order to help drive traffic, all the copy created had an SEO focus, organically incorporating the keywords identified in the Discovery Stage. We worked hard to communicate the extensive range of manufacturing processes in a clear, straightforward way, alongside the new diagrams. We removed any industry-specific terminology and maintained a simple sentence structure to ensure each solution was understandable, and to build trust in Diametric as a reliable expert in their area.

Process illustrations

Diametric’s manufacturing process varies from project to project, depending on the labelling solution required. Their existing website gave details, but without any visual aids the explanations were very text heavy and didn’t provide much useful information. We took this as an opportunity to illustrate low fidelity diagrams that would show exactly how each process worked. We kept these as simple as possible so that customers who have no previous knowledge of the manufacturing methods could understand how their solution would be created, which would help to build a strong relationship between customer and company


We pride ourselves in ensuring that all of our projects are pixel perfect, usable, and beautifully interactive. After designing and building the core website structure, we added several code-based animations and interactions to help engage potential customers. These added micro interactions are generally very subtle effects which the user probably won’t consciously notice, but subconsciously will help reinforce the premium brand. 


When Diametric approached us we felt confident we could really help them achieve their goals for their new site. Using their existing photography and strong branding we streamlined their products and services to create a platform that offered an improved, engaging user experience, reflecting their premium brand. Our Design and Copywriting teams worked together to clearly communicate their extensive range of products and services, strengthening Diametric’s position as a reliable and trustworthy industry leader.

The client said:

”When we approached Si digital we knew we had a challenging brief. We had previously started the project with a different agency, but unfortunately the initial designs did not meet our expectations. It was, therefore, essential to get the redesign back on track as quickly as possible, and thankfully the team at Si digital did not disappoint. They really took the time to understand all areas of the business, especially the technical aspects of our manufacturing processes. This dedication is clearly reflected in the great design, bespoke illustrations and in the quality of the copywriting. We love our new site and feel it represents our company perfectly.”

Anso Brown / Sales & Marketing Executive - Diametric

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