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Lab notes: Breaking Bad Mini Game

Head shot of TomBy Tom O’Malley

On Friday and as our way of celebrating the finale of Breaking Bad, we released a quick game. It was a fun little hack project that we dedicated some time to over a few evenings last week.

Digital campaigns

We had over 10,000 players take part over the finale weekend, lots of interaction on Twitter and it was even featured on the homepage of NBC News. This is a great example of the small campaigns we enjoy creating which help drive people to websites they may not have otherwise visited.

The aim of the game

You take on the role of a DEA agent at the shooting range trying to shoot Heisenberg as many times as possible. Using an illustration that Tom had previously created, it was brought to life by having numerous Heisenberg’s popping up from behind the seven barrels of cash. The game was illustrated and based on the original cook scene featured in one of the last episodes of the show.

Inside the game

On clicking ‘Play’ your cursor turns into a crosshair and you have 30 seconds to fire off as many shots as possible. You receive +1 point for hitting Heisenberg and -2 points should you hit a barrel and lose valuable evidence money!

Don’t let us bore you with the details though, have a go yourself.

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