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Creating a marketing website for Valorem Distribution

Head shot of JackBy Jack Bretherick

We recently finished up on the new website for Valorem Distribution, who help market and distribute niche perfume brands.

The Challenge

Valorem Distribution are a busy company who are working with various niche perfume brands day to day. Due to these time constraints, they needed us to help them carve out the time to work on their own web presence. The challenge we faced was to create a new website from scratch, help set the vision and perfectly communicate the brands that Valorem work with.

Designing without boundaries

Valorem really wanted to showcase what they do and communicate their mission through the content. The aim of the website was to keep things simple and to give visuals a certain edginess. The brands Valorem work with all have elements of luxury and this needed to come across through the visual design.

As the brand was quite light on a design language, this presented us with opportunities to define and create this during the visual design stage to give Valorem a new tone. This was influenced by some of their existing marketing assets.

A focus on performance

Marketing websites should be able to deliver content quickly and clearly. It was important for load times to be rapid and performance high. We built the website using the React framework, Gatsby.js, ensuring blazing fast speeds. Accessibility was a big consideration and that page elements adhere to the necessary standards like colour contrast ratios.

Subtle animation

With performance in mind, we created subtle interactions to bring content to life and to add that little bit of delight to the user experience. The design and development teams work closely together to ensure these were well-timed and executed perfectly.


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