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My Dog Sighs website created by Si digital

Head shot of SteveBy Steven Piper

It’s been nearly two years since My Dog Sighs came into the studio and graced our walls with one of his monster murals. Since then, this local street artist has built quite a reputation. He’s created a series of faces on found tin cans and painted ginormous eyes on cars, walls and buildings.

In return for our beautiful wall mural, we promised to work on My Dog Sighs’ new website when the time came. We’ve created a site that makes it simple for him to interact with. By pulling through content from his already active social feeds the site is always up to date. We grabbed his artwork from Flickr and his news feed from Instagram and Twitter. He also has the ability to write the odd blog post when he gets a chance.


It was fun working with My Dog Sighs to digitalise his inked drawings and masking tape logos. This brought his handmade style to the web. If you haven’t seen the site yet, be sure to take a look at the awesome artwork on show.

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