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My Friend Cayla website created by Si digital

Head shot of TomBy Tom O’Malley

Today we’re thrilled to be launching the new product website for My Friend Cayla – the world’s first internet connected, talking girls doll. Cayla syncs with your device and using bluetooth connectivity, allows you to ask her questions using Google’s Speech To Text API.

Cayla can answer anything from ‘What do pandas eat?’ to ‘Do fairies exist?’. She also has a collection of filtered words that prevent misuse which can be added to by parents at anytime.

We’ve been working closely with Vivid Toy Group on some of their exciting brands with this one being the first to launch. My Friend Cayla is predicted to be the most popular toy with girls this Christmas and tops the list for ‘Hamley’s Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2014‘ following on from her earlier success at Toy Fair.

The promotional website we’ve created for My Friend Cayla demonstrates to girls how they can interact with her. Using lots of fun animations, we’ve brought the site to life, increasing engagement with the target audience. The website additionally provides parents with lots of guides and information around the safety and use of the product in an easy, digestible way.

The My Friend Cayla website works beautifully across devices allowing children to meet Cayla on their family tablet and mobile devices.

We’ve really enjoyed working on this project and we relished the challenges presented by the toy industry. Toy websites need to keep children constantly engaged and we were in our element when given the freedom to make the website as fun and lively as possible.

In a ‘post Flash era’, websites are still required to provide that level of engagement whilst working on an ever expanding range of devices. Through the use of CSS animations and hours of work around responsive, we were able to achieve this.

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