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Head shot of TomBy Tom O’Malley

It was just under a year ago that we launched our first site on behalf of Vivid Toy Group for their ground-breaking product My Friend Cayla, so we were really excited to be invited back recently to discuss creating sites for two new members of the Vivid family.

First up is My Friend Freddy Bear, an interactive cuddly teddy for pre-school children. What makes Freddy truly unique is that you are able to personalise him, as he comes with a free app that allows you to input details about your child.

Children will be amazed to hear all the things Freddy knows about them, as the app allows you to enter lots of details about their family, friends, likes and dislikes. It is also possible to create a photo album and record personal messages on your device that Freddy can then talk about to your child. To continue the interaction there are in-app activities for your child and Freddy to play together, and when not paired with a device Freddy Bear giggles and says cute phrases.

We were aware that the site for My Friend Freddy Bear was more likely to be accessed by parents and carers, as opposed to the pre-school children who receive Freddy. We still wanted the site to reflect his audience and therefore produced a site full of bright colours and fun animations to enhance the friendly and enjoyable experience of Freddy himself. We used CSS transitions and keyframes to add movement to the site, which is built with our disconnected WordPress back end and customised to support multiple languages, as in future Freddy will be rolled out to France and Germany.

Due to the multiple regions required we decided to find a straightforward way for Vivid to be able to specify entirely different content for the various countries, beyond simply translating the website. In addition to implementing language-specific user interface messages, we also configured WordPress to accept region-specific content variations. When the different teams at Vivid came to input the individual content they were then presented with a very simple tab-based menu allowing them to select their specific region.

It was important to Vivid that we produced a site that clearly and simply explained all about Freddy and his numerous features, as well as answering any questions parents or carers may have, including where to buy the toy. We decided to use JavaScript to search and display FAQ results to the user without reloading the page, as this would create the best user experience, and we ensured the site would be fully responsive on all devices.

He is not even on sale yet, but both Hamleys and Argos have already tipped My Friend Freddy Bear to be one of the top ten toys for Christmas 2015.

Working with Vivid on sites like this are always fun and enjoyable projects for us as we are given lots of freedom to create a fun and animation rich site that delivers all of the essential information in a simple and engaging way.

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