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Our 18th Birthday

Head shot of SteveBy Steven Piper

Today sees our 18th birthday. A lot can change in 18 years, especially in an industry as fast-paced as ours.

At the beginning of the 2000’s, I worked as a web developer for a hotel chain in Essex. The web seemed to present endless possibilities; it was exciting to imagine how it would evolve. The web clearly had enormous potential to improve the way we communicate, do business, and express our creativity. On 7th November 2001, I founded Si digital—then known as Something Interesting—in anticipation of the opportunities the web would bring in the coming decade.

Something Interesting/Si digital logos

In the almost two decades since, a lot has changed, especially in the way we design and code things. Web browsers have become capable of running full-blown applications, and responsive web design has changed the way we build websites entirely. No more do we rely on frames, tables, or transparent GIFs for layout. Web browsers are now capable of displaying rich layouts without developers resorting to hacks like faux columns. Nor do we design for 800 x 600 monitors anymore. The smartphone revolution has brought infinite display sizes to support, and our design processes have evolved accordingly. FTPing files directly to production is thankfully a distant, anxiety inducing memory for most of us now. Mature software development practices like version control and unit testing have been widely embraced by the web development industry.

My first major project was building a meeting room booking system for a national hotel chain using ASP and a MsAccess database. It whet my appetite for the web. In the years since then, it’s been a wild ride. The web has become instrumental in our lives.

The company website looked a little different back in 2001 and over the years has seen some quite considerable change. Below shows a history of Something Interesting/Si digital websites.

Over the last 18 years, we’ve built websites, apps and software for countless clients across the world in a range of industries including toys, flight tracking, travel, insurance, finance and everything in between.

The day we decided to let Twitter electrocute us.

We’ve also built robots, got electrocuted live on the internet and dressed as aliens whilst being pelted with Nerf pellets.

I’m excited about the future too. Technology continues to move on at pace with new systems and tools being made available almost daily.

It’s fair to say there really aren’t many web agencies who have been around as long as we have. Our heritage is something we are immensely proud of.

Who knows what is likely to happen to the web in the next 18 years, but we know we will be playing our own little part in it.

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