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Head shot of TomBy Tom O’Malley

Today sees the launch of our latest project for Raconteur Media, a publishing house based in London who write reports for The TimesThe Sunday Times and The Week.

Raconteur was facing a number of challenges with their existing website including poor navigation, content discovery and the need to make the site accessible on a range of devices. They looked to Si digital to help resolve these challenges.

Raconteur have been publishing high quality, in-depth content from a range of contributors for over 2 years online. Having amassed over 1,200 articles from a number of special reports, our first challenge required us to retain and reorganise this huge amount of content, images, infographics and PDFs.

We wanted to create a completely content focused experience. Something akin to the experience of reading printed news, where you naturally move from article to article but always inherently know where you are. A great amount of time and attention was placed on the type, heading styles and the amount of space we gave the content – we believe we have found the right balance and have created an engaging reading experience. We also made the site fully responsive, so users could experience the site and its features consistently and seamlessly.

Raconteur produce very informative and beautifully designed infographics and we worked hard to make these as accessible as possible. On desktop, when hovering over an infographic, you enable a magnification zoom allowing you to see the smallest detail. On mobile, the experience was tailored to leverage the power of pinch and zoom. We are very proud to have usable infographics on all devices which really consider the end-user experience.

There are so many other features and design elements that we are proud of on this project, which we will cover in a more detailed post later.

The client said:

“Si digital have been such a pleasurable team to work with. They have the ability to listen to, suggest and implement ideas and have consistently pushed the limits of what we thought was possible. They’re a team who are deeply passionate about the work they produce and it shows in the website they’ve created for Raconteur.”

Seema Aggarwal / Digital Media Manager - Raconteur

Visit the Raconteur website in all its glory here. Make sure you browse the site on your phone, tablet and desktop for a seamless reading experience.

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