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Head shot of TomBy Tom O’Malley

Last month we ran a Treehouse giveaway on Twitter, offering three Silver annual memberships to those we felt would reap the benefits most and who were most deserving of a subscription.

We didn’t have any set criteria for participants, all we asked was that they explained to us in 140 characters how a Treehouse subscription would help and make a difference to them. We received hundreds and hundreds of stories, it was tough to narrow it down to just three. We wanted to know that we had really helped someone and done some good by giving out these subscriptions and one guy in particular was an exact fit for that.

Casey Dierking (@misteroptimist) is currently a volunteer in Battambang, Cambodia, where he teaches two Web Development classes; CSS and HTML Foundations and a second looking at Ruby on Rails and building basic web applications.

We recently caught up with Casey to see how he was getting on with his subscription, here’s what he had to say:

“The Treehouse membership has opened up a lot of opportunities to learn, for both my students and myself. Being a self taught developer, I find myself researching hours each night for the following day to be able to teach my students what I’m learning or what I’ve learned so far. Treehouse has answered so many questions for me, making my job a little bit easier. I’ve also been able to play different videos during our class and the students are loving it. Currently I’ve been picking and choosing between the different CSS videos depending on what we’re teaching that day.


“Treehouse has opened up a lot of opportunities to learn, for both my students and myself.”

I received the Treehouse membership right near the end of our teaching quarter, but this upcoming quarter I plan to follow the lesson plans that Treehouse has setup with my new class. I’m very excited and so are my students. The videos really help them visualise what they’re doing and why they’re doing it – there’s also always a confused laugh when Jason Seifer does that goofy little smile at the end of the videos.

Si digital and Treehouse, you guys have made it possible to help better educate youth in the area of Web Design/Development in developing countries. On behalf of me and my students, we thank you!”

It’s important to us the we help support our industry and new emerging talent. We’re so pleased to hear that Casey and his class are loving Treehouse and that we could help offer them the opportunity to do so.

The dream was that those three silver memberships were just going to be the beginning for us, we want to do so much more to help our industry continue to grow. We’re always up to something different, give us a follow on Twitter to keep up to date and see what we’re up to.

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