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Welcome Adam

Rachel Dettmer - Si digital - Marketing ManagerBy Rachel Dettmer

After meeting us at an EBP South Careers Fair and previously joining us twice for work experience, Adam now joins our team full-time as our newest developer.

In 2016, we attended an EBP South Interactive Career Fair where we proudly had on display our office robot, a fun side project put together by the team. This attracted 13 year old Adam to our stand and so began this feel good story.

EBP South provides the link between local businesses and schools with the hope to inspire young people and invest in their futures, by informing them of the opportunities and career paths they can pursue.

Having piqued Adams interest at one of their fairs, he then joined us in July 2017 to complete two weeks of work experience as required by his school Admiral Lord Nelson. Adam already knew he wanted to pursue programming, and his work experience (part of which was to develop a game which was later played in the Si digital office) helped to cement this idea and area of expertise as a career path.

Adam then joined us again in August 2018 for a voluntary and informal second round of work experience, gaining additional and invaluable experience.

Fast forward to 2020, Adam successfully completed his A-levels in Computer Science, Physics and Maths at Havant College, and has joined our team after seeing our open vacancies.

When asked about his new role and what made Si digital a place he wanted to work at, Adam commented, “Some places have a really formal office environment and I felt that Si was really fun. I like making things that end up getting used by people and I think it’s really cool to make customer facing platforms and interfaces. I would like to develop my skills with mobile apps and I look forward to working on client projects.”


Oli, lead technical at Si digital said, “After two work experience placements with us in 2017 and 2018, it is a pleasure to welcome Adam back to the development team full time in 2020. After getting well acquainted with React during his latter placement, Adam continued to learn in his free time and decided to apply that knowledge to a commercial role. He has already applied his learnings to a number of React and React Native projects and we look forward to seeing him flourish within our team of talented developers.”

Jacquie Jones, EBP South Project Manager commented, “We often talk to businesses about developing their pipeline of talent from an early age and how it’s important to inspire young people into their industry. This is a perfect example of the direct benefit for businesses that invest in their future talent. We are delighted to hear that by attending one of our events you were able to inspire young people into your industry and go on to directly recruit one of those students within your own organisation.”

These sentiments were also shared by Steve, our Founder, “This is what you call a feel good story for us and it’s great to see things come full circle.”

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