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Welcome Jacob

Rachel Dettmer - Si digital - Marketing ManagerBy Rachel Dettmer

We welcome web developer, Jacob, to the ever-growing Si digital team.

This means that over the past three months our team has grown by an incredible 25%. This is in part due to our expanding client portfolio, as well as the rapid development that some of our clients are facing in the brave new digital world that 2020 has created.

We mentioned in our previous welcome to the team post that time is a precious commodity for our clients. We understand this and it is always our priority to make sure our clients are getting everything, and more, that they need from us. This also created an opportunity for us to grow (and grow).

Jacob joins our team with prior experience in the construction industry. He developed software and applications, specifically machine control systems for heavy construction vehicles, ensuring machinery was operated safely at all times. 

This is the third role where interviews have been hosted via Zoom. When asked about the process, Jacob commented: “The interview itself was really good. It was with Steve and Oli and they did a great job of putting me at ease. They came across as friendly, gave me the space to explain my CV, and really sold me on the work culture at Si, which ended up being the deciding factor for why I took the job.”


When asked about Jacob, Oli, Lead Technical at Si, said: “Jacob has joined our team during the interesting challenges that COVID-19 has given many companies. During his first few weeks, he has been able to hit the ground running on our new and existing projects. His commercial experience in React will allow us to develop applications for our clients using a robust framework which gives a quality experience to end users. His problem solving skills have also been useful during the testing phases in projects, where the odd bug is inevitable.  Jacob has already become well embedded in the team and we look forward to seeing him refine his skill set and expertise in front end technologies with us.”

If you want to join our team make sure you head over to our careers page.

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