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Exploring the Isle of Wight with the Wightlink Explorer interactive map

Head shot of DannyBy Danny Walker

We recently finished up on a exciting new project for our long-term client, Wightlink. When we first started talking about the project, it became clear that tourist information around events, activities and accommodation were scattered throughout the website.

Not only did this make it hard to navigate, but customers also didn’t have a lot of context as to where things were on the Island. From previous user research, we knew that not all visitors had a great deal of pre-existing knowledge about the Isle of Wight.

From this, the Wightlink Explorer was born. An interactive map which positioned areas of interest all over of the Isle of Wight with accompanying detail about each. This solution aims to provide useful information and help visitors explore different areas of the island so they can see what’s around the ferry port, their accommodation or simply get a flavour of what there is to do on the Island.


We created the Wightlink Explorer to compile this information and allow users to filter by category as well as using the interactive map to narrow down listings by proximity. Zooming and panning on the interactive map will filter down and hide the listings displayed on the left-hand column. If a map marker is no longer visible on the map, the corresponding card will no longer be displayed.

We implemented geolocation to display the users’ current location making the Explorer a viable option when it comes to locating particular events or activities when exploring the Isle of Wight.

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