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The client support hub

Service Monitor

Our Si Service Monitor checks the status of all the third parties used to keep our clients’ sites working and ticking over. If there's ever an issue, we get a text with the error, so we can fix it quickly.

We also included customised alerts, meaning that if your site is down during a specified timeframe, an ‘urgent’ ticket will be created in our Si Bug Tracker, getting you back online quickly.

Stats Board

The Si Stats Board offers clients insight and instant access to historic and real-time business statistics or KPI’s, giving you a more thorough, detailed overview of your business day to day.

Our support tools all work perfectly and in harmony with one another, offering a complete and extensive support system for your website and business, right when you need it the most.

Bug Tracker

We needed something which managed both our own project changes and our clients change requests and desired new features, so we created our Si Bug Tracker to help log them.

With all our projects, we proudly manage all changes and new features, right from the initial request, through to testing and going live, meaning you never have to worry about a thing.

What we can offer you

Handcrafted web applications

We create effective web applications that help make businesses become more efficient. We write perfectly coded web apps used by people all over, which live up to vigorous testing and handle huge amounts of data without a hitch. We always take the time to ensure our web apps are of the very highest quality for you.

Focused conversion optimisation

We strive to make your website stand out against your competitors and make an impact on your customers. We’ll go through all our findings with you, to let you know what’s working and what’s not, so you can gain further insight and understanding into your site and your customers’ habits.

Made to measure e-commerce

At Si digital, we have a structured development process, which ensures we create a functional, commercially focused website which gets you results and turns your visitors into customers. Each of our tailored e-commerce solutions are built and designed with quality and simplicity in mind.

Customised responsive websites

Our bespoke mobile sites render perfectly and beautifully from any device they’re viewed on. We love to engineer amazing experiences for mobile, which exceed our clients expectations. We ensure we really think about the users journey and offer them a truly engaging, consistent and seamless experience they'll love.