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Creating A Tourist Information Hub

Our interactive map makes exploring the Isle of Wight simple

wightlink explorer

    What we did

  • Research revealed that a large proportion of customers had little knowledge of the Isle of Wight
  • Wightlink wanted us to create a central hub of tourist information, a one-stop-IOW-shop for accommodation, events, activities, etc
  • We created an interactive map: the Wightlink Explorer, which pulled all information together in one place

The client

Ferry operator, Wightlink, which has been connecting passengers with the Isle of Wight from ports across Hampshire since 1972. Each year, 3.8 million people embark on one of its 140 daily sailings.

The problem

Tourist information, such as what’s on, where to eat, accommodation and activities, was posted across Wightlink’s then* website in an inconsistent and hard-to-find way. Through previous research, we knew that many travellers to the Isle of Wight didn’t know much about the destination. The solution was to create a central, cohesive hub to host all this information, helping customers to plan the best possible break on the Island.

*Read about how we created a brand new, faster website for Wightlink

Wightlink explorer on laptop

What we did

We created an interactive map - the Wightlink Explorer - which features places of interest across the Isle of Wight with accompanying detail. Users have the opportunity to filter by category as well as narrow down listings by proximity. Zooming and panning on the interactive map filters down and hides the listings displayed on the left-hand column. If a map marker is no longer visible on the map, the corresponding card will no longer be displayed, making the results clear and relevant. 

We also implemented geolocation to display the user’s current location, making the Explorer a useful tool when it comes to locating particular events or activities when in-situ on the Isle of Wight - a feature which encourages repeat visits to the website.

multiple screens wightlink explorer


The Explorer enables passengers to better plan their trip as it provides greater context around what’s on and where to stay. The one-stop-IOW-shop meets Wightlink’s brief, bringing together tourist information and educating customers, encouraging them to make bookings and enjoy this jewel in the Solent.

Shortly after the completion of this project, we were tasked with creating an entirely new bespoke website for the operator. Read all about it here.