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Increasing Co-op customer engagement

Supporting a move into a new business area, we built a personalised customer dashboard and integrated admin reporting suite. Detailed research and testing lead to a platform that has seen fantastic engagement from the staff and customers.

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Helping Lendy achieve 18k+ registered users

The finance industry is heavily regulated, so we redesigned this investment platform to be secure, compliant and reliable. The new site supports growth, and encourages increased engagement, trust and loyalty among new and existing clients.

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Designing for colour blindness

Do we all see colour in the same way? Take a look at the image above. If you see the number 21, or you don’t see any number at all, it’s likely that you have some kind of colour blindness (if you have full colour vision you should see the number “74”).

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Our process

Adopting a flexible process, we’ve helped companies grow within the insurance and financial industries

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Helping Hasbro’s staff to be more process efficient

By identifying obstacles in the current case handling process, we were able to build a bespoke pipeline management system with a wealth of additional features that improved communication, reporting and record keeping.

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Launching a new insurance quote engine for Smart Driver Club

Smart Driver Club is a startup in telematics insurance. With years of experience in FCA regulated industries we were able to provide consultancy, research, design and build, to help get their new product to market quickly and securely.

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We’re hiring designers and developers

Do you want to work on big projects with great brands and have the ideal work/life balance? We’re looking for more talented designers and developers to join the Si team.

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What to look for when choosing a bespoke software developer

We’ve built bespoke web based software for years, here are what we think you should look for when selecting your next development agency.

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