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Finding elegant solutions to complex technical problems

Si digital has spent the past two decades building bespoke software, websites, e-commerce shops and mobile apps for amazing companies around the world.

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We relish a project with a technical challenge. Something other agencies would steer clear off. If you’re searching for an agency to make your headaches go away, we’re probably a great fit.

Custom Software Development

Building entire systems that businesses run on. Always bespoke and custom to the specific needs of the business.

App Development

Custom built web and native app development typically based on existing APIs or developed in conjunction with our Middleware or Custom Software Development solutions.

Advanced Magento E-commerce

Extending Magento functionality to fit unique business needs and talk to existing internal business systems like Sage or stock control.

Systems Integration

Designing and developing websites and apps to connect seamlessly to existing systems, like Salesforce, SAP and Office 365.

Middleware Development

Providing that missing piece of software which allows disparate systems to talk to each other or your website and app.

Bespoke Website Development

Designed and built to your specific needs, UX focussed, CMS backed and often connected to existing data sources via custom built APIs.

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