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Hasbro Spark

We worked with Hasbro on a new product which allowed the general public to submit their toy invention ideas.

mr potato head

    What we did

Hasbro US was looking to welcome amateur inventors to submit ideas for new toys and games.

Historically Toy giants were accessible only to professional investors and Hasbro wanted to change this perception. Si digital was handed total creative control over the direction, branding and visual design. We would need to create an inspiring platform that encouraged and enabled inventors to submit ideas to Hasbro.



Hasbro approached us with the idea of creating a platform where the general public could submit their ideas for toy inventions. To accompany the platform, they wanted us to communicate what this was through a fun story. Hasbro asked us to come up with the ideas for a marketing page. We wanted to use their oldest and most famous character, Mr Potato head. We decided that he could tell the story of invention and show the steps that a typical inventor goes through.

desktop page

Design & Illustration

Once the storyboards were finalised, these were moved into the visual design where the website user interface was laid out and the illustrations were created. The site atmosphere was looked to be colourful and vibrant, with large sections showing each step on the invention process, told through Mr Potato Head. During design, animation ideas were experimented with for developers to implement during the build.

System integration

Previously we built an entire inventor management platform for Hasbro’s professional inventors. Hasbro required a way to import these amateur invention ideas into the platform. Because the system was built from the ground up, bespoke to Hasbro, we were able to modify the system to allow this. After completing a series of questions about their invention, the submission is sent off to the external inventor management platform for review. If their submission is accepted it becomes a normal submission alongside the other professional inventors.

What the client said

“Working with Si digital has been a very professional and fluid experience. They met the challenges we set at every stage and developed the project in a way that truly conveyed the positive benefits of innovating with Hasbro. I look forward to working with them again on other projects in the near future.”

Phil Sage / Director of Global Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations - Hasbro


As a project, Hasbro Spark has allowed us to combine our expertise in UX design, development and copywriting to create a truly engaging website, that seamlessly integrates a beautiful, interactive front page with a bespoke submission management platform.