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Delivering Victorious UX For Boadicea

Creating an e-commerce website which reflects the elegance of this exclusive brand.

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    What we did

  • High-end fragrance brand’s current website didn’t deliver the desired customer experience, nor effectively convert into sales

  • Employing UX testing, streamlining and technical improvements, we created an attractive new site which better represented Boadicea 

  • Results: 33% increase in conversions, £200 pcm saving on hosting, fulfilment of significantly increased orders without the need for increased headcount, easier for staff to operate.

The Client

Boadicea the Victorious, named after the legendary warrior queen who was said to have smelled victory on the battlefield, is a British fragrance brand which creates original, gender-neutral scents. Launched in Harrods in 2008, its best-selling niche perfumes, sold in hand-crafted bottles, range from £240 to £7,000 each.

The Problem

With fragrances available through only a handful of highly exclusive global retailers, Boadicea’s website is of crucial importance for sales. However, its existing site provided a slow and frustrating buying journey, which contradicted the company’s reputation for impeccable service. This luxury brand needed an e-commerce website which both improved user experience and reflected the quality of Boadicea, whilst enabling increased sales.

What we did

The focus was to enhance customer user experience through improvements and upgrades to the site’s functionality and technical requirements. Boadicea’s Magento e-commerce site was vast, operating with unnecessary and confusing functionality that slowed down even the most simple activities, impacting stock and order management.

Our first task was to streamline and prioritise Magento’s capability, which immediately allowed Boadicea to better manage and fulfil substantially more orders, without the need for more staff.


An audit revealed that the site took too long to load, particularly on mobile devices – an issue which often prompts cart abandonment. By making technical adjustments and moving the site hosting to another provider, speed and resilience were significantly improved. What’s more, the client saved £200 a month in hosting fees.

In order to improve customer journey and increase conversions, we carried out copious user experience (UX) testing to identify any problems. Every test highlighted important issues and areas for improvement (such as installing a time-saving postcode look-up and removing the out-dated field for fax numbers - no, really). Each issue was analysed in terms of impact on revenue and expected workload to provide a ‘cost versus benefit’ breakdown to help the client decide where to invest.

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What the client said

“Si digital helped us take our Magento e-commerce site to the next level by providing solid advice, guidance and much needed digital strategy. As a result, we’ve seen sales and customer engagement increase and we now have a system that is far easier to use”

Charlotte Kelly, Marketing Manager - Boadicea the Victorious


The result is a smoother, quicker customer experience which has helped Boadicea gain 33% increase in conversions, £200 pcm saving on hosting.

Additionally, the technical adjustments have also made the system easier for Boadicea’s staff to use. Boadicea has been a client of ours for many years and we continue to provide on-going support. This includes creating specific landing pages and graphics for social media marketing campaigns, plus proactive action relating to general site operation - which delivers a user experience that truly is in line with the brand’s reputation.