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10 Usability Heuristics' Posters

Free posters for your design office


Back in 1994, Jakob Nielsen wrote an article for Nielsen Norman Group called “10 Usability Heuristics” which outlined some general principles for interface design. Fast forward a few decades and these same principles still apply today.

They were coined “usability heuristics” because they’re not intended to be explicit guidelines. These principles form what we consider to be the foundation of good usability practices. Over the years we’ve found these invaluable when designing interfaces or analysing usability tests. They provide a tangible list of things to consider and align to.

Designing heuristic posters for our studio space

We have an area in the Si digital studio dedicated to usability testing, UX practices and more informal design meetings. We wanted to bring some inspiration to our walls. Jakob Nielsen’s original article inspired us to create a set of posters that graphically communicate the “10 Usability Heuristics”. We’ve since had these printed and framed in our studio and today, we would like to share these with the wider design community.

This article features the 10 posters we have designed, which includes a free download of the artwork in PDF, PNG and JPG formats. We hope you find these as inspiring as we have and please, don’t hesitate to share these with your colleagues.