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Adventures in Animation Part II

Our designer Jack first experimented with After Effects when he had been part of the Si team for 6 months. A year later he looks back at how these new skills have become an integral part of our project work.

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Improving the UX of PetTime

We had the opportunity to make use of our recently opened UX Lab when we were approached for app design services based on real user experiences before this new project went live.

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We've launched our own Open Device Lab

Over the last three months we’ve been building a free community space for developers and designers to test their websites on a range of devices.

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Studio Life - 2016 begins!

We went flying into a busy New Year with some big studio developments, but made sure we had some time to get creative, eat lots of pizza and even staged our own mini rescue mission.

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Building our very own Si digital UX Lab

Our new UX Lab launched on 1st March 2016. Find out how it grew from an initial idea to become a dedicated usability testing space, available for hire.

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Spotify becomes Spartify - how we solved the studio soundtrack conundrum

Faced with the daily dilemma of what to play in the studio, our Lead Technical Oli has designed Spartify – a responsive, internet connected playlist system.

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