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We’ve worked with global toy and entertainment companies to create playful marketing websites and time saving digital software to increase staff productivity.


We createMarketing websites

The digital presence of a toy or product is an integral part of any brand marketing strategy. Accompanying a social campaign, marketing websites can help excite, inform and engage with parents and kids. By using, fun animations combined with great product assets, a cool page can really get people talking about your brand.

Why do I need a marketing site for my brand?
  • It gets people sharing your brand
  • Increasing hype and excitement
  • Opportunities to tell a story
  • Provide important product information
  • Link out to relevant retailers to sell the product
Our work

Hasbro Spark

Telling the story of invention to aspiring toy inventors. Inspiring 
them to send their ideas for a chance to see their ideas on the shelves.


Brand marketing website for Toy robot, I-Que, to tell kids about all his cool features with a bit of added animation to share his story.

Screaming Frog

Telling the story and history of this marketing company with an animated timeline with lovely eye-catching animated illustrations.

My Friend Cayla

Demonstrating the features of the My Friend Cayla doll worked and how she could have a conversation with you.


Working with Si digital has been a very professional and fluid experience. They met the challenges we set at every stage and developed the project in a way that truly conveyed the positive benefits of innovating with Hasbro. I look forward to working with them again on other projects in the near future.

Phil Sage
Director of Global Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations, Hasbro
Mr Potato Head

We createBespoke digital platforms

Large organisations often have systems or processes which are a massive time sink. With multiple people, across continents, trying to keep a single spreadsheet updated there are bound to be issues and errors creeping in.  We’ve helped companies like yours ditch these systems and replace them with modern, cloud based digital platforms that staff enjoy using.


The systems we build free up your time to be doing the important work.

When to consider a bespoke digital platform
  • Losing hundreds of hours updating spreadsheets
  • Unable to keep track of endless email threads
  • Spending time searching rather than doing
  • Multiple processes for one task

Ssssh...These are top secret!

We’ve worked with large, global organisations within the toy and entertainment industry on bespoke digital platforms that have revolutionised the way in which they work. We can’t say much about what we’ve done for them but we would be happy to talk about how we could help you overcome any challenges you’re facing with legacy systems and look at ways of changing the way you work to save time and money.

Hack projects

Hack Projects

Experimenting with digital & physical to create play experiences

Hack projects run deep in the Si digital DNA. Starting out as an opportunity for staff to experiment, collaborate and learn new things, they quickly became an exciting part of company culture.

Over the years, we’ve created some crazy hacks where we have combined the digital and physical worlds.

Shocking Halloween

What could be more fun than hooking yourself up to a random shock generator connected to Twitter and allowing the world to electrocute you live on the internet for a day?

Sid the office robot

Our office robot, Sid, was played with nearly half a million times and drew the attention of Fast Company, Reddit and major YouTube personalities like Vsauce3.

Tivit - the ultimate table tennis companion

We couldn’t keep track of our ping pong scores, so we built a table tennis companion app to track scores, wins and leaderboards. It’s free to download and is used by companies all over the world.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was a seminal and much-respected piece of TV genius in the studio. To coincide with the finale we built a ‘whack-a-mole’ shooter which found its way on to the NBC News homepage.

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