From launching the first commercially successful telematics insurance quote engine and dashboard, to supporting the Co-op with their young driver product for the last 7 years, we have worked with leading insurers on getting new products to market quickly and accurately.

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Supporting a move into a new business area, we built a personalised customer dashboard and integrated admin reporting suite. Detailed research and testing lead to a platform that has seen fantastic engagement from the staff and customers.

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Smart Driver Club is a startup in telematics insurance. With years of experience in FCA regulated industries we were able to provide consultancy, research, design and build, to help get their new product to market quickly and securely.

Our other insurance clients
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We specialise in creating stable, reliable, FCA compliant solutions that inspire trust and loyalty in your organisation and products. Our extensive experience and meticulous testing means efficient delivery, a smooth launch and outstanding ongoing performance.

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The finance industry is heavily regulated, so we redesigned this investment platform to be secure, compliant and reliable. The new site supports growth, and encourages increased engagement, trust and loyalty among new and existing clients.

Tim Gordon Lendy profile

Tim Gordon

Director & Co-Founder - Lendy Finance

“Working with Si digital has been a positive experience. They are very responsive to requests for changes, and adaptable throughout the development process. Having direct access to the development team is a real bonus, as it means issues get tackled very quickly – and for a complex project like Lendy this has been critical.”


Bespoke Software Development

We design, build and support bespoke software solutions for clients across the globe, in some of the most data sensitive areas. Our team of in-house of developers and designers create systems that increase productivity and make your staff’s jobs easier.

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By identifying obstacles in the current case handling process, we were able to build a bespoke pipeline management system with a wealth of additional features that improved communication, reporting and record keeping.

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To overcome a catalogue that quickly went out of date, we built a custom platform with thousands of products and images. Available offline, on different devices for remote sales teams, lines can be quickly edited and custom PDFs created.


Other Projects

Over the years there’s been a mix of weird and wonderful projects that we have worked on. From animated landing pages to crowdsourced mapping applications. We can bring just about any idea to life whether it’s to improve engagement or drive new traffic.

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Hasbro US needed a website to allow amateur inventors to submit ideas. Our complete branding, design and development service created a beautiful, interactive landing page that is seamlessly integrated with a bespoke admin suite.

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A platform redesign to accommodate restructuring, improve usability and increase conversions. The new, responsive site includes bespoke animations, simplified user journeys and a beautiful, expandable timeline including a Frog In Space!

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Norbain are a leading B2B distributor of security systems including IP, CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection solutions. Find out how we helped them increase their order numbers by 220% and their average order value by 260%.

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Boadicea the Victorious is a British perfume brand that sells high-end and bespoke perfumes across the globe. Find out how we helped them increase their website revenue by 242% and their conversion rates by 54%, as well as provide support for ongoing campaigns.

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The Houses of Parliament and Arts Council England commissioned a digital project for a celebratory art piece. We built a platform that combines a diverse range of databases, and created a mobile web app for maximum user engagement.

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A platform redesign to accommodate restructuring, improve usability and increase conversions. The new, responsive site includes bespoke animations, simplified user journeys and a beautiful, expandable timeline.

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Tivit is a new table tennis web app designed to end all the frustrations of keeping score, and settle any arguments about who is the reigning champion. Turn your smartphone into a virtual scoreboard and create custom leaderboards, with no download required.

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In the studio we have some keen road cyclists and daily commuters who have all experienced what are known as ‘Close passes’. We developed a web app to crowdsource data on where close passes occur by location to help other cyclists be aware of where the hotspots are in your area.

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