Project Case Study

Boadicea the Victorious

Boadicea the Victorious is an iconic British perfume brand, selling high-end and bespoke perfumes across the globe. They came to us to help them make their website reflect the quality of their brand.

The Brief

Boadicea the Victorious is a British perfume brand that sells high-end and bespoke perfumes across the globe. With bottles of perfume ranging from £160 to £700 each, this luxury brand needed a website and user experience that reflected their quality.

Being unsatisfied with the performance of their newly launched e-commerced store, Boadicea came to Si digital to make improvements across the website.

Our first step was to establish the key problems and fixes required across the site. These were loosely broken down in to three headings:

User Experience how the end customer interacts with the website and makes a purchase.
Admin Functionality how Magento is configured to ensure product quantities and order fulfilment
Technical Requirements like site speed and hosting configuration.

The Brief

Technical fixes

We worked closely with Boadicea to curate a list of all the key issues for each of the categrories whilst also prioritising the order of the issues.

All the technical and back end limitations were listed in order of priority and we agreed a timetable for the changes to be implemented.

It was clear that Magento wasn’t configured correctly for the client, which meant they were wasting far too much time doing simple tasks. By working with the client we configured Magento to be more tailored to their needs allowing the client to do more, easier.

We moved their hosting to AWS allowing us to save the client nearly £200 per month in hosting fees whilst also increasing the speed and resilience of the site overall.

Technical fixes

User Experience fixes

Central to increasing the conversion rates and building a loyal customer base was the need for user experience testing. It was important that we carried out independent user experience testing to highlight any other issues.

Over a period of a month, we ran a number of user tests on the website. Each of these tests seemed to highlight new issues and areas for improvement – including searching for products and the checkout process along with smaller issues.

For each round of tests and fixes we would consider the impact of the change on revenue and the expected workload required in order to fix it. This allowed us to provide the client with ‘cost versus benefit’ numbers in order to decide on where to invest.

User Experience fixes

New Campaigns

Boadicea are frequently running new campaigns or sponsoring events which they never really managed to get featured on the website before.

As part of our ongoing support for them, we provide the design and technical resources to create unique landing pages, homepage takeovers, site-wide banners and mailshots to help promote each campaign. This service also keeps the website fresh and exciting for returning customers.

These campaigns included PFA Awards, Polo in the Park and Valentine’ promotion. For the Valentine’s promotion we created a raft of graphics to use on the site and across social media. Overall, this campaign alone generated a 33% uplift in conversion rates.

New Campaigns


Since Si digital took over the day-to-day management and optimisation of this Magento e-commerce website, we have seen an increase in revenue of 242%, conversion rates up by 54% and the average order value up by 34%.

On top of these customer related measures, the client is now able to do far more with Magento than they were before – including setting up special offers and promotions.

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