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Boadicea the Victorious

With bottles of perfume ranging from £160 to £700 each, this luxury brand needed an e-commerce website and user experience that reflected their quality.

The Challenges

Boadicea sell the highest quality perfumes to people throughout the world, especially in the UAE, Russia and the far east. The long established brand has earned a reputation of exclusivity and elegance – which it now wanted to reflect in its website and online shop.

Having inherited the poor performing Magento e-commerce site, we set about making the whole experience better for our client and their customers. Specifically we focussed on the following areas:

  1. Customer user experience
  2. Campaign and events
  3. Admin functionality
  4. Technical requirements

Usability testing with potential customers

Central to increasing the conversion rates and building a loyal customer base was the need for user experience testing. It was important that we carried out independent user experience testing to highlight any issues customers experienced in using the website.

Over a period of a month we ran approximately 20 user experience tests on the website. Each of these tests seemed to highlight new issues and areas for improvement.

For each round of tests and fixes we would analyse the impact on revenue and the expected workload to fix it. This allowed us to provide the client with ‘cost versus benefit’ numbers so they could decide where to invest.

Creation of campaigns and events

Boadicea is frequently running new campaigns and sponsoring high profile events. Unfortunately the original set up of the Magento store made creating campaign landing pages an unnecessarily long and complicated process.

As part of our ongoing support for them, we provide the design and technical resources to create unique landing pages, homepage takeovers, site-wide banners and mailshots to help promote each campaign. This service also keeps the website fresh and exciting for returning customers.

These campaigns included PFA Awards, Polo in the Park and a Valentine’s promotion.

As part of the social media marketing strategy to market the Valentine’s promotion we created a raft of graphics and visuals for use across various social media platforms.

Our work on Valentine’s campaign alone generated a 33% increase in conversions.

Admin functionality and Technical requirements

Magento is an exceptional platform to manage your online store. But it is also massive and can become a little bloated with functionality you may never need. A bloated Magento Dashboard can lead to confusion and loss of time when it comes to stock management and order fulfilment.

Boadicea were finding that they were wasting far too much time doing simple tasks so we worked with them to prioritise the issues they were facing and streamline the whole Magento experience.

This has meant they are able to manage and fulfil substantially more orders without the need for any new staff.

As part of our standard SEO audit we also noticed that site load speed was having a major negative effect. The site would take a really long time to load, especially on mobile.

As well as making technical changes to increase speed, we also moved their hosting to AWS allowing us to save the client nearly £200 per month in hosting fees whilst also increasing the speed and resilience of the site overall.

The client said:

Si digital helped us take our Magento e-commerce site to the next level by providing solid advice, guidance and much needed digital strategy. As a result, we’ve seen sales and customer engagement increase and we now have a system that is far easier to use.


Charlotte Kelly / Marketing manager - Boadicea the Victorious

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