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Hasbro Source

Every year, global toy company Hasbro produced a large printed catalogue of toys and games for their trade customers, however it quickly went out of date.

The Challenge

They wanted a new platform where products could be quickly edited, with personalised PDF versions of the catalogue available. The new system would need to be available offline, on a range of devices, to support remote sales teams.

Technical challenges

We’d been experimenting with cutting-edge browser technologies, so we were confident it was possible. We had never seen anyone make a large catalogue website available offline, but our in-house team was ready to move quickly when the technology became available. When an iOS update allowed us to store lots of data offline in the user’s browser, without any additional software or plugins, we knew we had found the solution.

Editing, updates and usability

We put a considerable focus on UX to ensure our systems are timesaving for everyone, regardless of technical experience. With the correct user level permissions, Brand Managers can now simply click a button next to the item they are viewing and edit the fields directly. When the item is ready to be saved, the changes automatically filter to every other user, without them even needing to reload the page.

Multiple regions

As one of the largest toy companies in the world, Hasbro have offices in multiple locations and the intention of this system is to serve them all. When a new product is added, all regional admins are sent a notification to import a copy into their own version, making any tweaks in language or images unique to their country. Users can even have access to multiple regions for ultimate flexibility when required.

The client said:

Working with Si digital has been a very professional and fluid experience. They met the challenges we set at every stage and developed the project in a way that truly conveyed the positive benefits of innovating with Hasbro. I look forward to working with them again on other projects in the near future.

Phil Sage / Director of Global Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations - Hasbro

On demand catalogue PDFs

Even with an updated, web-based platform there was still a demand at Hasbro to create hard copies of the catalogue. We designed the system to be similar to a shopping basket on an e-commerce website, so a user can add individual toys, brands or entire categories to a personalised collection and create a PDF to print, safe in the knowledge that all data is accurate at that time.

Project Summary

Hasbro came to us with a clear idea of what they wanted, without knowing how their ideas could be put into practice, or if it was even possible. We love it when organisations approach us with their wishlist, as creating problem-solving platforms and tailored business systems is where we really excel.

Hasbro Source has been an incredibly successful overhaul of an inadequate, outdated system and is now used daily by Hasbro teams and retailers around the world, helping to support the ongoing growth and expansion of the organisation.

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