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Lendy found their existing site did not support their recent growth or future goals. They wanted a complete redesign which included a review of the existing user experience.

The Challenge

The new platform would need to be secure and reliable at all times, especially when new funding opportunities were released, which would result in high traffic.

Research and exploration

Our initial exploration phase included consideration of the existing site analytics, competitor research and the creation of typical customer personas. A complete understanding of the current market and user behaviour would help us to create a platform that clearly stands out from the competition, with seamless usability, robust security and stability.

Visual direction

The research supported us in determining a new stylistic direction. Decisions were informed by the need to communicate reliability and trust in the Lendy brand, and to encourage the maximum user engagement. We clearly defined all elements, to ensure consistency across the site, social media and email.

The client said:

Working with Si digital has been a positive experience. They are very responsive to requests for changes, and adaptable throughout the development process. Having direct access to the development team is a real bonus, as it means issues get tackled very quickly – and for a complex project like Lendy this has been critical.

Tim Gordon / Director & Co-Founder - Lendy

Technical challenges

We had to solve a variety of problems in order to ensure the new site delivered a seamless user experience. This included creating a robust system to deal with real-time investments, so no new loan is oversubscribed. We also introduced multi-factor authentication for enhanced security and built a platform that would offer excellent performance in a range of network conditions.


It was essential the site copy echoed the secure, reliable brand we were creating, as well as communicating all the essential information and supporting SEO efforts. Clear language, free of industry terminology, and simple sentence structure helps to reinforce the overall image of an accessible, easy-to-use platform.

Project Summary

What could be considered a complicated financial platform now instantly communicates trust and clarity. Our extensive experience working with worldwide organisations meant Lendy knew we would build a compliant, secure and reliable solution that would encourage increased engagement, trust and loyalty among their new and existing clients.

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