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An editorial website giving advice to start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK.

The Challenge

Minutehack wanted to achieve increased user engagement and larger traffic volumes for their mobile-focused news site. We had previously built heavy content sites for the likes of Raconteur, so we were able to focus on the user experience and design. It was essential that readers instantly found the site engaging and appealing, to build loyalty, trust and to encourage repeat visits.


We used the existing site analytics to get a good understanding of performance, and researched the behaviour of key competitors in the industry. We created sitemaps and personas that allowed us to visualise how different users would interact with the content and navigate the site. Interactive prototypes were developed from this research so the client could get a feel for the end result.

The client said:

Si digital is the best agency I have ever worked with, and I have worked with lots. Their approach is exactly what a client like me hopes for but rarely gets. The team is talented, spirited, enthusiastic and they love what they do.

Dan Matthews / Founder -

Visual direction

To help achieve Minutehack’s goals of increased engagement and more traffic, it was essential to get the design of the site right. Our creatives used a variety of techniques to select elements such as colours and typography. For example, using plenty of white space instantly creates comfortable readability, leading to engaged, inspired visitors.

Creating the UI

As a company, Minutehack’s sole focus is its content. We carried out meticulous testing in our User Experience Lab to ensure all the content was easy to access and clearly displayed. Our design team worked alongside our developers to ensure coherent readability on all devices. We wanted users to be able to easily lose themselves in the content, with no obstructions.

Project Summary

Our experience working with these heavy content sites meant that Minutehack could have complete confidence in our ability to deliver a beautifully intuitive, engaging platform. Our detailed approach to design and testing is always lead by the requirements and goals of each organisation we work with. Since launch, Minutehack have seen significantly improved traffic and engagement levels.

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