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Norbain E-Commerce

Find out how we helped this B2B E-Commerce platform increase their order numbers by 220% and their average order value by 260%.

The Brief

Norbain are a leading B2B distributor of security systems including IP, CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection solutions. Norbain required a new product focused website to help them become a market leader online with the overall goal of becoming a ‘trusted advisor’ within the sector.

Their old website was dated and as a result suffered from very low signup rates and transactions.

The objectives for the new platform included:

To redesign and combine the existing Norbain websites into a single cohesive experience. The new site should encourage new account registrations and provide a wealth of information about the products and services Norbain offer.
Only allow checkout and show pricing to logged in users, who can request an account with Norbain.
To create a new ‘project’ system allowing their customers to use the platform to plan their next project and easily request advice from their chosen collection of products.
Ensure that the backend system allows Norbain to perform the necessary admin tasks to manage products, create landing pages, manage adverts and so much more.
Create an intelligent search system that enables users to easy find what they are looking for from over 5,000 products!
Automate the integration with their existing backend stock and order processing system

The Brief

B2B E-commerce Challenges

A B2B platform brings much greater complexity than a typical B2C E-commerce system. Norbain has approximately 5,000 products and 2,000 accounts. They have individual customer pricing for most of those products and accounts, meaning on a daily basis the platform has to import and serve over 2 million different pricing entries!

Norbain also wanted to allow customers to checkout, but handle the payment and processing of orders in their own stock system, offline.

B2B E-commerce Challenges

Intelligent search

With 5,000 products, one of the core objectives of the platform was the need for a very clever search system. User’s needed to be able to search on a variety of product meta. The system needed to show results as you type, provide similar matching results and most importantly return results fast.

The search engine implemented returns results for 5,000 products in under 30ms on average!

Intelligent search

Additional revenue

Norbain Media, a branch of Norbain, focus on providing additional revenue to the company through advertising and product promotion. We facilitated 3rd party promotional opportunities in several clever ways:

The search system allows Norbain media to promote certain products and brands based on search terms.
Customisable brand landing pages allow brands to have their own dedicated hub within Norbain. This feature promotes the brand’s messaging, featured products and associated links.
A custom banner advertising system allows Norbain Media to upload and rotate sold advertising slots in a range of different sizes and formats. With fine control over the placement logic of adverts, individual pages, categories or products can all be targeted. This gives Norbain a wealth of choice for offering targeted advertising. Because we built the system ourselves, the adverts also display even if the visitor has adblocking enabled!

Additional revenue


In just 3 months the new Norbain platform saw a massive 260% increase in average orders, 220% increase in the number of orders and 350 new B2B accounts requested to be opened.

The new platform has positioned Norbain at the digital forefront of their industry and it’s clear their B2B customers are already appreciating the benefits of an easy to use project planning and ordering system.

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Norbain - Caroline Kitchin

“Si digital are a joy to work with. They provide us with the ideal mix of creativity and technical know-how that has allowed us to launch a site that exceeded our original expectations. Three months in, average order values have increased by around 260% and number of orders have increased by around 220%. We have also had almost 350 accounts requested to be opened by new customers. I have been extremely impressed with their professional attitude and their fast response times. In fact, they’re so pro-active that they often find issues before we do, and come to us with some great suggestions on how to improve the site.”

Norbain - Caroline Kitchin
Caroline Kitchin

Marketing Manager, Norbain

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