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Project Notes

Screaming Frog

A UK based search-marketing company whose tools are used by SEO agencies around the world needed a fresh update.

The Challenge

They wanted to refresh and update their website to reflect a reorganisation in services. It was essential to maintain their search ranking, and create an engaging, on-brand platform to help them achieve their goals of increased traffic and conversions.

Research and planning

We developed a clear understanding of the company and industry by analysing their competitors, considering the current site analytics and creating personas to visualise the user journey. This helped us outline a new site map and begin to create a unique design style, based on the existing branding, for the redesigned site.

Visual Design

We build unique, responsive and engaging user experiences, so we knew we could do something special with the company history page by creating a beautiful, expandable timeline. We introduced bright colours and highlights to contrast with the brand green while maintaining a clean, flat style for clarity and usability. Clickable prototypes helped the Screaming Frog team understand the new layout before it entered the build stage.

The client said:

Si digital have a team of really talented designers (and developers) and I loved their creative approach to our new design. They clearly love their work and are passionate about what they do. They were highly communicative, quickly grasped our requirements and we are delighted with the results

Dan Sharp / Director - Screaming Frog

Technical challenges

The Screaming Frog team were keen to include animations on the new site, to encourage engagement and improve the user experience. We decided to create the majority of the animations using code, to ensure smooth performance on all devices. We also streamlined the customer journey to access the Spider Tool, reducing the number of clicks and creating a single download button, to improve the conversion rate.

Usability Testing

To ensure our decisions for restructuring and redesigning the site would support the Screaming Frog goals, we carried out detailed usability testing. This examined every button, animation and layout decision with users. Based on their feedback, we made immediate changes to further improve the experience. Our thorough approach means we create polished platforms that launch smoothly and continue to deliver a seamless user experience.

Project Summary

The Screaming Frog team gave us lots of freedom to create their new site. They were confident that we had the experience and skills to produce a captivating platform that would engage and inform users, and stand out from the competition. The improved user experience we observed in the UX Lab has continued since the site launch, leading to lots of positive feedback, increased traffic and higher levels of conversion.

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