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Smartdriverclub Insurance

Helping to create a more robust, information-rich marketing website for new and existing telematics insurance customers.

The Challenge

As a growing telematics provider, Smartdriverclub needed a new marketing website that worked harder to help communicate its proposition to new customers and provide help and support to existing customers.

Communicating what Smartdriverclub does

When redesigning the Smartdriverclub marketing website, it was imperative that it communicated what their offering was and how this could be beneficial to their customers. Using a playful approach, this messaging was communicated through colourful illustrations which simplified the explanations, these were animated to give a more impactful experience when landing on the page.

Using our existing knowledge

Over the years we’ve worked with lots of different telematics insurance providers including Co-op, AA, Hastings Direct and Smartdriverclub. During this time we’ve been able to use our expertise to help Smartdriverclub improve conversion rates on their insurance offering by user testing with customers and making changes to reduce friction during the journey.

One of the biggest challenges we always face with telematics insurance is the customers prior understanding of how this works and what it is. This was an important issue to address on the new marketing website.

Transparency to build trust with customers

It was essential to help build trust with potential customers and that started with transparency around reviews. We pulled through data from Trustpilots API’s to clearly communicate ratings from existing customers. These ratings and customer testimonials were then incorporated into the header and other sections throughout the website.

Another measure taken to create transparency and to increase trust in the brand was to provide information on the potential savings of a Smartdriverclub insurance policy. For example, “Save up to 40% at Renewal” is mentioned throughout, and at the bottom of the page, there is an animation that tallies the total monetary savings made by customers between specified dates.

Robust help and support

There can be a lot of questions when setting up an insurance policy or once the policy has begun. We wanted to give Smartdriverclub the ability to create a large resource hub that would enable its customers to self-serve when faced with common issues. Should their problem not be solvable online, there are clear ways to contact the Smartdriverclub support team using clear calls to action in the sidebar.

This section is a dynamic part of the website which can grow with the brand in time. As customers engage and ask questions, the content can be tailored according to their needs.

Finding policy documents

We all do it. The insurance policy has started, you’ve received the documentation, and you put it somewhere ‘safe’ for later and in doing so inadvertently misplaced the documents. The next obvious step would be to look for your relevant documents online.

However, the previous website made it complicated to find policy documents and we wanted to simplify this. Rather than clicking through endless lists, this is now searchable by policy number and the relevant documents are returned. This was a big user experience improvement, reducing cognitive load when a customer looks for their documents.

Technical implementation

Smartdriverclub required the website to be built on a CMS allowing them to edit specific parts of the website, to keep copy up to date and add dynamic content such as blog posts for SEO. The site itself was built using Next.js components which WordPress could then populate making it a more efficient build process.

The ‘My Documents’ section and Trust Pilot reviews integrated with API’s to be pulled into the website, which helps keep data in sync.

The client said:

Si digital has created a really characterful marketing website to help us explain to our customers what our product does in a fun way. The web journey feeds into our insurance proposition and for existing customers, provides them with self-serve help and documentation which saves our staff time internally. We’re really happy with the outcome.

Kerry Massey / Business Manager - Smartdriverclub Insurance
Project Summary

The new Smartdriverclub marketing website has achieved what it set out to do. This was to help communicate the brand more clearly to new customers and help existing customers with any questions or documentation they might need to find.

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