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Approaching the selling of telematics insurance differently, whilst also providing deeper, richer data to the car dealerships via on-board diagnostics.

The Challenge

Smartdriverclub were a startup new to the telematics space. We worked closely with their team to help build all of the initial infrastructure enabling them to sell insurance via their own quote engine and communicate with dealerships and consumers via online digital platforms.

Dealerships and their customers

Once a vehicle leaves the forecourt, the relationship between customer and dealership can often end. Smartdriverclub provide the opportunity for a proactive relationship between dealers and their customers by gathering data from the On Board Diagnostics port. This data allows the dealers to notify their customers of any potential issues or faults, getting the vehicle booked in to be looked at.

How we helped

We researched, designed and built fully branded dealership platforms that report on their fleet of vehicles. These secure platforms show the health status, and other key information, of all the vehicles the dealership has sold.

Bespoke and real-time alerts and notifications provide the dealership with all the information they need to manage their customers.

Consumer platform

It’s not just dealerships that find this information useful, vehicle owners do too. That’s why we created a consumer platform with Smartdriverclub that allows any vehicle owner to gather real-time notifications of faults as well as being reminded of key dates like MOT and tax.

Building the quote engine

This is the fifth insurance quote engine we’ve built – the first using SSP. We know from all our previous experience and knowledge that the key to a successful insurance quote engine is to create a simple and efficient customer experience. As there was no pre-existing quote engine, user journeys across other insurance platforms were researched and tested providing valuable insight around user pain points which allowed us to tailor the customers experience using these learnings. The quote engine was user tested at different stages of the project, validating design decisions.

The client said:

When Smartdriverclub were starting out, we needed a digital partner that was flexible and experienced enough in car insurance to get our product out there. Si digital are a great partner that provide support and advice as well as the “hands on” approach a startup needs.

Mike Grant / BDM/Sales Manager - Smartdriverclub

The user experience

The quote engine we produced looked to communicate clearly to customers what a telematics policy is, reduce the amount of time they have to spend filling out long-form questions and ensure that they are compelled to return when their quote has been generated. We worked towards these goals with the client, testing and honing the process throughout the project cycle.

Post-launch, we continue to analyse user metrics via analytics, session recordings and heatmap tracking to identify areas that can be improved to help further increase conversions.

Development efficiency

To complement this work, It was behind the scenes where the efficiency of the system could be enhanced. We connected with data provider SSP’s ‘Legacy Hub platform for Motor’ in real-time, something that has not been done before in this combination. Additionally, we connected with vehicle lookup services, address lookup systems and payment providers which all feed data to customers quickly and securely.

Project summary

Using our experience of developing quoting engines for clients such as Co-op Young Driver Insurance and Hastings Direct SmartMiles, we created a modern, responsive and enjoyable experience. Our deep knowledge of the insurance industry allows us to build FCA compliant websites that allow customers like Smartdriverclub to get a new product to market quickly and securely. We continue to support Smartdriverclub and help them find ways to increase sales and conversions.

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