UX Design & Creative

  • User research & competitor / data analysis
  • Ideation and project planning
  • 4-day Design sprints
  • Design prototypes
  • User interface & visual design
  • User testing and analysis
  • Icons and illustration
  • Branding and pattern libraries

Technical & Development

  • Front-end engineering
  • Platform integration
  • Back-end engineering / systems
  • Hosting / server configuration
  • Zend Framework 3
  • React / Node.js
  • Back office systems
  • Management information systems

On-going Support

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Emergency support and SLAs
  • New product development
  • Feature optimisation
  • Monthly website reviews
  • Usability testing cycles
  • Analytics reports
  • Social media management

We can take on any challenge but these are the typical ones


New product launches

When organisations can't find the internal resources required to launch a new product, they come to us.

We work with in-house teams (design, marketing, compliance etc.) to turn ideas into reality, validate decisions with your potential customers and take the product to market. Often quicker than busy in-house teams.

Helping the Co-op with a new product

Start-ups with rapid growth

Getting a start-up off the ground takes a huge amount of effort. Once the concept is proven you need to scale rapidly.

Scaling the technical infrastructure and customer facing website doesn't come easily but we've had the experience to help guide and advise you on the best approach for sustainable growth.

Helping Lendy increase investors and revenue

Improving website performance

When your website or digital application isn't performing to the standard you would expect, it's time to get a new perspective on it.

We use a range of data sources to unlock potential pain points in your customer journey and then make iterative changes to help you increase engagement and conversions.

Helping Screaming Frog market their services

Look who we've helped so far

Each client had their own set of unique challenges for the Si team to tackle.
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norbain logo

Norbain are a leading B2B distributor of security systems including IP, CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection solutions. Find out how we helped them increase their order numbers by 220% and their average order value by 260%.

Caroline Kitchen profile picture

Caroline Kitchin

Marketing Manager - Norbain

“Si digital are a joy to work with. Three months in, average order values have increased by around 260% and number of orders have increased by around 220%. We have also had almost 350 accounts requested to be opened by new customers. I have been extremely impressed with their professional attitude and their fast response times.”

Working together.

We help progressive companies increase productivity, improve customer experience and gain competitive advantage. Let’s see what we can do together.

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